Why do you definitely need a vision board?

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Do you know the book, or a movie called “The Secret”?

It changed lives to thousands of people, including mine.

It happened about 15 years ago when I found this movie on the internet by accident and started to watch it without knowing what it is about.

When the movie ended I was in complete shock, because in less than two hours all that I thought about life had changed and I knew – My life will never be the same as before!

Of course, I would like to say that my life immediately became a dream and the road ahead of me was covered in rose petals… but it wouldn’t be true!

I would rather say through thorns to roses!

This movie opened my eyes to opportunities but putting these tools into action for 15 years taught me the essence!

Vision board

So many people talk about how important it is to create a clear vision of what you wish for in life, and one of the ways how to do it is by creating a vision board. But not so many people talk about:

why it is important?

I always needed to find answers to all the questions I have before I start to action and believe in the process, possibly it’s similar for you!

We live in a Universe what’s created by thoughts.

Everything you can see in the world has been somebodies thought before. And only after that it has continued like a realization process which leads to physical result what we can see.

Part of our mind consists of a reticular activating system (RAS) that works as a filter, sorting out all the information that comes into our mind.

Read more about these systems and their operating principles in my book “The key of Happiness” 

But outing it simple, these systems task is to show you what is important to you.

For example, you are driving on highway and see a lot of cars. But at the moment when you will buy yourself a new car and will drive it you will notice how many other people have the same car as you. It’s not that lots of other people bought the same car as you at the same time as you did, simply, this fact came to the RAS, to an important information shelf and therefore your attention is being focused on it.

You can create and get all what you want in your life as long as you are focusing on it, that’s why it is very important to give your mind the right focus!

Focus on what you want.

And that is the principle of a vision board!

Instead of putting things(symbols) around your house with what you don’t need to focus on, make yourself a vision board with everything you wish for or even better, make your home in a way that everywhere you look is some picture or a symbol for the things you wish for.

And with your mind constantly seeing these symbols, he will show you the opportunities, the ways and the roads how to realize this wish!

About how to build a vision board for every area of your life and how to use it every day, to speed up the process I’m telling in my book “The Key of Happiness” where we set up a vision board together and change our lives by 180 degrees in 180 days!

Remember that everything you experience in your reality have started in your mind, that’s why if you want to change your reality – need to change their thoughts and focus!

Great start and exciting way to start is making a vision board!

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With love and gratitude, Santa, the founder of AmurA lifestyle

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