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Where to find motivation to get started?

By 24/04/2019March 8th, 20202 Comments

You have so many ideas, so many dreams, thoughts and goals, that if you do it all, your life would be a dream…

But in real life, you spend big amounts of your time in Facebook and Instagram looking for something… maybe we can find you watching some video from successful people on YouTube, or maybe your time is disappearing in saving every picture which inspires you in Pinterest…

You feel so motivated in your thoughts that when you put down your device and return to reality, your motivation disappears, along with the inspiring video, articles and pictures…and you continue to live in your reality, which is far from what you dream of, looking for inspiration and motivation again and again…

I understand you so very much, because it used to be a story about me…

Human nature is to hesitate and postpone important things, devoting himself to the non-essential, and one of the ways is ‘if – then I’ thinking.

We feed ourselves with lies, that if I will buy new training shoes and outfit, I will go to gym…if I will buy a new computer, I will start to write my own blog…if I will buy a new phone stand, I will often make live videos on social media…if I buy a food processor, I’ll start cooking more often…if I buy a fitness program then, I will lose weight…if I buy the cosmetics that beautiful YouTube girl uses, I will be as successful as she .. and so, I could continue and continue…

Often, we don’t do any of it and make excuses like, not enough financial resources, time or other reasons. And even if we do buy something it often stands in a corner and collects dust, because there is no better hanger than a training equipment, right?

If you want to know more about where these lies come from, how to recognize them and change your habits, download a workbook for free.

But continuing the topic, I will tell the story of myself, where the dream was looking for motivation to start acting.

For about 10 years already I like yoga. I really like yoga. I’ve read a lot about it, watched various videos on YouTube, attended yoga classes, and even paid for a multiple month yoga course online.

But ask me how much I have practised yoga in my life? Probably sounds like a lot and regularly, right? But in reality, it has been just few times!

I have been so obsessed with the idea of yoga for all these years, and the dream of how my life would be, if I were to do it regularly, and by looking for information and motivation in all the possible resources I didn’t notice that there was only one step that was needed:


If I will read one more book I will – start…if I will watch one more video I will – start, if I will buy expensive programme I will – definitely start…

That is how I was fooling myself for 10 years, without wanting to understand that dreams become reality only if you do it.

Right here and now, where you are, you have all the necessary skills, information and resources to realize your cherished dreams in your life, if you start acting.

For me the real game changer was the realisation that motivation is created by acting!

Rather than being somewhere outside, waiting to be found, it is in me and it’s growing in proportion to the action towards my goals.

Motivation is like snowballing, which as a very small flake comes into your mind, and the more you act, the bigger the snowball will grow!

Start with a really small step right now…today…Even microbially small, and you will see how you will gain experience and knowledge and how your interest and motivation will grow by simply acting and how the small victories will motivate you to take even greater steps.

You don’t need to know every step.

All you need to know clearly is – the final destination.

Ask yourself everyday – What is the next step?

And then do it!

Everything is just that simple!

Keep the vision of what you want in your mind and make a small step closer to it every day!

Read more about how to manifest everything you want in your life in the book.

But if sometimes you lose all the motivation for all kind of every day responsibilities, then I like

1 minute law

Talk yourself into doing this job just for only one minute…
And after that, if you haven’t finished yet…do it for longer…
This law works very well psychologically, because the biggest difficulty is to start, while the minute does not seem to be that long.

But when you get started, the work goes out of hand and very often comes to the other problem – the inability to stop, but we will talk about it some other time…

What are the everyday things where you need to force yourself to act?

I need to force myself to catch up with the reviewing pictures in my phone, sorting out e-mails, arranging small kitchen drawers (because my kids are constantly rearranging, which doesn’t quite meet my criteria), gardening, etc.

But when I talk myself in spending only a minute on it, I usually tend to realise that the whole kitchen is rearranged, there are no more unnecessary e-mails and the garden is cleared from all the weed.

Talk yourself in doing it – just for one minute and then that will be it! And you will notice how much more productive your day will become!

I hope you manage to act and do it today!

Tell us how you are succeeding with it and don’t forget to inspire others, use #amuralifestyle

With love and gratitude, Santa, the founder of AmurA lifestyle


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