Digital book “The Key of Happiness”


“The Key of Happiness” or creative therapy for the manifestation of life

The book is a digital version(for printing now, or for digital use, in an application such as GoodNotes, practically used with IPad Pro and Apple pencil)



This is a book that will help you create and live your dream life in a creative and practical way! The essence of the book consists of 3 steps, Practice of Gratitude, Mindfulness, and Intentional Manifestation. Step by step, it will help you sort out the past, enjoy life in the present, and teach you to manifest everything you want in the future. Each section is composed of two parts. The first part is the theory, followed by practical tasks and worksheets so that you can immediately come to practice manifestation of your life!

  • You will learn to be grateful for everything what is happening in your life
  • You will see the added value of every event in your life
  • You will heal all the painful experiences of your past
  • You will learn to be grateful every day
  • You will change the course of your life in a positive direction
  • You will learn to be happy in this moment
  • You will learn to be here and now, living every moment like an unforgettable experience and adventure
  • You will learn to make time for yourself every day, even just for a moment
  • You will learn to consciously think, feel and raise your emotional vibrations
  • You will get the tools to openly evaluate every aspect of your life and change it in the way you want
  • You will get the motivation to finally really go and do it, change everything that has not satisfied you so far
  • You will learn to take responsibility for everything what is happening in your life
  • You will learn to turn your dreams into goals and manifest everything what your heart wishes for
  • You will finally be happy here and now and will live the life you dreamed of!

You will find in the book:

  • 35 inspiring quotes
  • 14 colouring pages
  • 8 practical tasks with worksheets made for them
  • 180 days challenge to change the course of your life by 180 degrees
  • Free space for your notes, creative expressions and inspiration

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