How to clear your mind and find the focus with journaling?

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Do you ever feel like your head is a mess?

The same monologues, fictional dialogues, past situations, prospects for your future, and all this together and at the same time…

You need to make important decisions, but valuable and helpful thoughts are interrupted with complete chaos.

And how can you hear your heart and intuition in this chaos?

My answer is – journaling

I would definitely recommend you, to practice these techniques every day because only practical and regular actions change habits and life in general.

You will get more clarity about what is going on in your life and will be much more focused, because one of the reasons we often feel overwhelmed is precisely because of this mess in our heads, not because of real life events.

Are you excited?

First step – Clearing the rubbish from your head

A very valuable method when the mind is in a complete tangle. But when you regularly clean your mind, you won’t even get to this position, so do it every day, even for just 5 minutes.

Take a sheet of paper or a notebook and start writing everything that comes. Don’t think. Don’t analyse. Don’t stop. Just let everything out. Thoughts, feelings, reflections, words… all…

Be sure not to read it afterwards because that trash will not be inspiring.

If we don’t clear our mind, all the same thoughts keep going through it and keep coming back and we can’t get deeper.

This method helps to clear it and get clarity.

And when your mind is relatively calm, you are ready for the second step

Second step - Generating ideas, vision for the future

Write everything you want to achieve in your life, experience and be.

Write about your goals and dreams.

Write everything you wish for in present form. Like you would already have all of it and you would simply tell someone about your life.

Writing about your dream life in a present form will help you make clear vison of what you truly want. You will feel how you will feel when you really will have it. You will lift your vibration to the level of vibration of your dreams, and like a magnet will attract everything you wish for.

Read more about it in our book.

My ritual is every evening, shortly before going to sleep, write everything that has accumulated during the day, and when nothing comes out anymore, my mind is automatically moving to the next step where I write about my desires, goals and dreams as they are already real.

I like to use modern options, so I use a notebook that you can also get for free. I use it in GoodNotes in my iPad Pro with Apple pencil, but you can also print it out or use any other note pad.

Clearing mind from all that’s unnecessary and filling it with an enthusiastic vision of the future, mind is not only feeling a relief but also a clear focus on where to go and what to do, because the opportunities come when we are ready and open to them.

More about the structure of the mind and how we are realizing our thoughts in our reality, you can read in the book.

Are you ready to clear your mind of everything unnecessary and fill it with everything your life desires?

Let’s go! Start doing it now!

Tell us how you are succeeding with it and don’t forget to inspire others, use #amuralifestyle

With love and gratitude, Santa, the founder of AmurA lifestyle

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