Challenge 037 – Resolve a problem without resolving it

I cast this burden on the Universe within, and I go free

Do you have anything in your life right now what you can’t seem to resolve? You keep spinning it in your head, think about it and try to find solutions, but none of them are good enough to resolve this situation and move forward?

I felt like that for about two years! Yes! For two years I basically tortured myself with putting decisions back, tortured myself with all possible scenarios and kept emotionally destroying myself from the inside…

Why do we do that? Because we are afraid of changes! Very! Our ego works with survival program on and any new thing in our lives are potential danger. It’s hard for us, we are suffering, hurt, but still can’t change anything because no matter how uncomfortable is the old slippers – they’re familiar and predictable, that’s why we keep wearing them and depriving ourselves from all the wonderful we would get if we would say goodbye to them…

When I had tortured myself till I had no power left, I finally realised that if I haven’t been able to resolve this situation myself till now, I will never do it. I started to meditate, turned to all my inner strengths and said – “I give this burden to you, only in your Higher Powers it is possible to resolve this, and I go further free”.

I GAVE it to the Higher Power and decided not to think about this issue anymore, stop looking for never ending scenarios in my head and lead myself to the dead ends. I CHOSE to simply let it go and rid myself from it, gaining my energy back and LETTING it to be resolved in the best possible way.

And this is your task this week. Find unresolved question in your life, which have been bothering you for a while and consuming your energy and choose to give it to the Higher Power and go further free!

I know that your mind is starting to protest – what? it will not resolve itself! It not happens! Is it even possible?

Tell him – shhhh! And enjoy the feeling of lightness that will take over as you shift your responsibilities to the Higher Power! Enjoy the ease and let the situation resolve itself…

I came to this technique when I got tired of torturing myself and the way it got resolved would have never came into my mind. And that is what the story is about, our conscious mind can’t think of everything, that’s why it’s so pointless to get lost in the labyrinths where we take ourselves in.

I let the question troubling you go and after 3 days received a call which changed completely everything! During this call I cried from happiness, I said thanks to the Universe millions of times and couldn’t believe that a problem bothering me for few years can so easily resolve itself! Can! Only if we let it happen!

May you be able to give up your burden to Heaven and move on freely and easily. Don’t forget to tell me how did it go and inspire others to fly freely using #amuralifestyle

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