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Challenge 020 – Manifestation

By 06/08/2019October 9th, 2019No Comments

Where focus and attention goes,
Energy flows and your life goes

Have you been used to getting email with new weeks challenge every Sunday, and now was thinking where it has gone?

It’s on a purpose later this week, because I have made a 5-day challenge for you. Incredible fast technique how to manifest everything you want in your life, delibarately sending your energy in the desired direction for 5 days.

Everything is energy, and where our thoughts and focus are, we also leave our energy. So, leave it to events you want to experience, not nourish events that have already happened, or you don’t want to experience anymore.

Your, task this week is to choose what you want to manifest, create this wish in one sentence in present form, already being grateful for it like it already exists and write it down 55 times.

This is a 5×55 technique. Its strength is in the way your focus going to be completely on this wish, while you will write it down 55 times. You will feel how wonderful it would feel when you have it already, the more you will feel it like it already exists the more powerful you will pull it like a magnet in your reality.

It could look something like this – I am grateful, for my good health. Or, I am grateful to be with my incredible other half. Or, I am grateful for the easy manifested 1000 Eur. etc.

With the help of this technique you can manifest anything you want in your life, you simply need to write it for 5 days 55 times with feeling how wonderful it is when you have it. If you feel that you’re writing mechanically and in your thoughts are somewhere else it won’t work, because you send your energy somewhere else…Be in the moment, feel it like it’s real and very soon it will be yours!

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