Twelve week 1:1 coaching program

’’From a caterpillar to a butterfly’’

Just when the caterpillar thought her life was over, she began to fly!

“Today you”:

  • Are tired, in stress, lost and overwhelmed
  • You are sick of doing a job you don’t like, and which doesn’t bring you joy, you don’t want to live in autopilot and run like a hamster in a wheel.
  • You are sick of all the self-growth books, articles and videos, you want a specific plan just for yourself.
  • You lack motivation and inspiration.
  • You know you are made for more, to be more, but you don’t know how to start and where to go.
  • You lack support and you feel misunderstood.
  • You are feeling unhappy and don’t know how to change your situation.
  • You want to be successful, but don’t know how to turn your dreams into reality.
  • You want to go to sleep with a dream and rise with a goal.
  • And you know that you are ready to change your life NOW!

Is that you?

If not then you’re not in the right place for sure, but if it is you, then keep reading…

But now imagine “Future you”:

  • You are happy, self-confident and realise your uniqueness.
  • You know your life purpose and you know how to realize it.
  • You are motivated, and you make inspired steps towards your dreams every day.
  • Every new day is another chance for you to self-realize and you enjoy every moment of your life.
  • You have everything in your life – a family of your dreams, career, abundance because you know how to manifest everything you wish for.
  • You know your worth and like a butterfly fly freely and safely in the wide world!

How do you like your future version?

It can be your life and I know – HOW!

Your wings already exist, all you have to do is fly!

The beginning of our reality is in the way we think, that’s why firstly I will help you to arrange It, so we could find the purpose of your life together after that. And then you can manifest the life of your dreams and live the lifestyle you would be passionate about!

I will help you to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be!

Because I did it myself! The story about today’s you is a story about me 5 years ago, but the vision about the future you are my reality today!

I know how to build this bridge with practical steps and I want to teach it to you as well.

You simply need to be ready for one thing – to act!

Because nobody else can do it for you. Like my coach said to me once – I can give you a shovel and teach you how to dig, but you will have to do it yourself!

Are you ready for the first step already now?

We will start with evaluating every aspect of your life to gain knowledge about the place where you are now (often we live our life and lie to ourselves, not wanting to see the truth)

We will make a crystal-clear vision for each area of your life, to get the clarity of the direction you need to go and place where you want to be

Find the purpose of your life

Work with your mindset

Find and release your mindset blocks

Change your habits

Learn the basics of manifestation

You will get all this as quickly or slowly you will be comfortable with a plan which will be made for you PERSONALLY.

We will work together for 12 weeks, which include:

6 x 90 minute coaching sessions in Latvian, Danish or English language
(we’ll have a call every two weeks) where we will uncover your problems and create a clear plan to move you forward

Twelve weeks of unlimited message support via Whatsapp

Accountability, advice and support from someone who remember what it’s like to be in your shoes

Ready to create a life of purpose and passion?

Your investment: 688.88 EUR (or 3 monthly payments of 268.88 EUR)

When You will start the program You will receive two special gifts:

  • the first discovery call *30 minutes
  • as well as my book “The key of Happiness”

Coaching program “From a caterpillar to a butterfly” is very individual and transforming process for everyone. And the same as this program, all of my butterflies (graduate of this program) are very special to me.

Therefore, thanks to brand KUMA design, fantastic butterfly brooches has emerged, which all my butterflies will receive as a gift after graduating 12 week program. So it can remind you every day that you’re ready to fly freely and would serve as a recognition sign in the world…

Let’s colour life and fly freely together?
Are you my next butterfly?

Are you ready?

If you can’t decide yet then look at your life and think:

Is this really the way I wish to keep living?
Am I passionate about my life ?